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Mar 5, 2020 | Uncategorized


Here at Black Apple, we’ve always known we do things a little bit different. But we didn’t realize just how different until we went on a European Cider Tour in February.

As we visited with old-world makers and tried dozens (ok, hundreds) of ciders, here’s what we realized sets Black Apple ciders apart:

No Preservatives

We don’t add sulfites or any other preservatives to our cider. Our products all boil down to just three ingredients: fruit, yeast, and time. It’s clean, pure, cider as it was meant to be.

How do we get away with it when so many other companies pump sulfites throughout their ciders? Science. We’ve developed innovative processes with temperature and yeasts, finishing off with pasteurization for our canned ciders. Seriously, we coddle our fermenting ciders like they’re newborn babies so we can bring you the cleanest product possible.


We strive for balance in all of our ciders. So many commercial ciders hide a lack of flavor with an overwhelming syrupy sweetness. We don’t do that. We let fresh juices and natural flavors do the talking as we create unique ciders that strike the perfect balance.


We mentioned our innovative processes with temperature and yeasts up above. We’re tinkerers, scientists, triers. We play with flavor combinations, aging times, and other aspects of the cider making process to develop delicious, natural, and unique ciders. And most of all, we are always learning. We love to learn.

That brings us back to our European cider tasting trip. We found a wealth of inspiration in old-world cider making. We were blown away by our experience and will likely be birthing some new Black Apple concepts as a result.

We started our journey in Caen, France, at the CidrExpo. Caen is in Normandy, just a short drive from the D-Day landing beaches. Cider crafters from across Europe attended and brought samples to share. We then traveled on to the United Kingdom and Italy. Read below for some of our favorite ciders of the trip.

Cold Hand Winery

From Denmark, this winery blew us away with their ciders, perries, and a wicked rhubarb wine. They have a unique process of cryoconcentration, which involves freezing and thawing fruits in special circumstances to create what they call “ice wines.” We dug it.

Murbudu Sidrs

This Latvian cider maker stood out among the hundreds we tried, especially their Chokeberry Cider. You’ve seen a chokeberry before – it’s native to Arkansas. In the 1950’s Russia started large-scale planting of America’s native chokeberries because of their high Vitamin C content and tolerance for the cold. Thus, we found an Arkansas plant in a Latvian cider in France. What an amazing world.


We missed visiting this cidery in Hereford, England, because the owner was busy “lambing” on his farm. But we picked up several bottles to try, and my, oh my, are we glad we did. Every single variety we tried was amazing. Their Gold Rush Dry Cider, Pomona Rolling Blend, and At The Hop were the best English ciders we had on the trip.

Beard and Sabre

We tried this Bristol, England, cidery’s Yardarm cider. It was delightfully hoppy and well-balanced, a fantastic find at a tiny cider tasting room in the Borough Market.¬†

The Cider House

We found most of our English ciders at a tasting room called The Cider House in the Borough Market. It’s the best place in London to find a good diversity of locally made ciders from around the U.K. The market is just a short walk from the London Bridge Underground station and is packed with great food and shopping.

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