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Semi-Dry Hibiscus cider, lending a radiant red hue and characteristic berry-packed zip with crisp clean citrus and alluring floral aromas. Our flagship cider. 6.9%ABV

Semi Sweet

Delicately sweet with flavors of fresh apple and Arkansas honey , ending with a crisp, clean finish. 6.9%ABV


A traditional, English-style cider. Bone dry with with a crisp, tart finish. Think Champagne. 7.5%ABV


Fresh blueberry flavor complemented with bitter-sweet notes of cinnamon, green tea, and marigold. 6.9%ABV (Releasing Jan. 8, 2020)


Semisweet with a burst of fresh blackberry flavor and subtle black tea undertones on the finish. 6.9%ABV


Semi-dry cider with a floral nose and rich fruit flavors complimented by hints of black tea and lemon myrtle. 6.9%ABV

Apple Cinnamon (Low Carb)

Clocking in at just 99 calories and 5 carbs, our Apple Cinnamon Cider is light and crisp while jam-packed with punchy flavors.


Warming essences of cinnamon, clove and rose petals with notes of citrus and orange zest. Evokes chilly nights and falling leaves. Served cold or hot. 6.9%ABV

Coffee Cider

Black Apple Cider blended with organic Honduran coffee from Bad Dog Beanery. Velvety orange and chocolate flavors with heavy notes of honey. 6.9%ABV


Featuring Arkansas honey, our Mead is all honey with a bounty of floral notes in the background. 10.5%ABV

Barrel-Aged 1904

A barrel-aged version of our classic Ozark 1904 blend, bourbon barrels lend hints of cherry, vanilla and oak. 8.0%ABV

Imperial Peach

Six months of aging in american bourbon barrels provided complex spice notes, supplementing flavors of fresh peach & vanilla. 9.2%ABV

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