Get the Party Started at the Black Apple Taproom.

Discover a Cider-tastic Event Venue for Your Next Shindig.

We do too! Turn your events into legendary soirées or rock the stage with epic live music performances at the Black Apple Taproom. With a vibrant atmosphere, impeccable service, and of course, our exceptional ciders, our taproom is the place where extraordinary events and mind-blowing music collide.

Throw the Party of the Century

The Black Apple Taproom is the perfect venue to host your celebrations, parties, and special occasions in a setting that will leave your guests in awe. Our Taproom offers:

Musician performing live at the Black Apple Taproom.

Rock the Taproom

Turn up the volume and let your craft take center stage at our Taproom. Whether you’re a band looking for a buzzing venue or a podcaster looking for a place to connect with your audience, we’ve got you covered. Our Taproom offers:

Ready to Start Planning Your Extraordinary Event?

Ready to take the plunge into the abyss of extraordinary events? There’s only one way to do it – by providing your guests with locally made, naturally gluten-free & highly delicious Black Apple Hard Cider.

With Black Apple, planning your event or booking a live music gig at our Taproom is as easy as clinking glasses. Contact our team of party gurus and music aficionados. We’ll weave our magic, collaborate with you, and customize every detail to perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions

The early bird catches the cider! We recommend booking in advance to secure your desired date. Contact our event gurus, and they’ll guide you through the process.

Absolutely! We love it when you bring your unique magic to the stage. Let’s discuss your technical needs, and we’ll make sure your performance is legendary!

While we don’t have in-house caterers, we’ve got the scoop on local culinary geniuses who can create feasts that complement our cider wonders. We’ll share the secret recipes with you!

We aim to create an enjoyable experience for all, so there may be certain noise restrictions in place depending on the day and time of your event. Our events team will guide you through any regulations and help you plan accordingly.

Make Your Event a Cider Extravaganza.

Move over, Met Gala. It’s time to start planning your party of epic proportions at the Black Apple Taproom. Prepare to unleash epic celebrations, mind-blowing performances, and memories that will go down in history.