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Springdale Taproom

Where Cider-Lovers Unite.

See Where It All Started.

At Black Apple Hard Cider, we believe in crafting exceptional ciders that tantalize your taste buds and ignite your senses.

Whether you’re a cider aficionado or simply looking for a unique night out, our Springdale Taproom is the perfect setting. If you’re ready to sip some cider and have a good time, the Black Apple Taproom is where you should be.

Our Menu

We’ve Got Your Weeknights Covered.

Prepare for a cider experience like no other at the Black Apple Taproom. We got something special brewing for you throughout the week, including:

Every Day is Game Day

We have board games to play anytime!

Trivia Monday

Think you're the smartest cider drinker around? Test your knowledge & keep your competitive spirit alive at trivia night.

Taco Tuesday

It’s a cider fiesta! Join us every Tuesday for mouthwatering tacos from Taquería Don Güero.

Comedy Thursday

Need a laugh? Join the best stand-up comedians in the area on Thursday nights. They'll have you laughing so hard you'll be trying not to spew your cider all over the table (please don't).

We Like to Party.

And we're good at it, too.

What’s the Secret to Having the Best Event Ever?!
Providing your guests with locally made, naturally gluten-free & highly delicious Black Apple Hard Cider.


Our Springdale Taproom is perfect for weddings, showers & more.

Party Time

Looking for the best cider to have at your event or wedding? We've got you!

Donation Request

We love giving back! Tell us a little about your organization and request. We love details!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We know that your furry friends love to party too, so bringing them is not just allowed – it’s encouraged.

No secret handshakes are required, but we highly recommend you arrive thirsty!

Downtown Springdale has you covered. Choose from the many wonderful restaurants downtown for some grub, then swing by the Taproom to party the rest of the night away!

While our drinks are for grown-up cider enthusiasts aged 21 and above, our Taproom is family-friendly.

If you’re not trying to party hardy at the Taproom, that’s A-OK. We’ve got some delicious sodas, made in-house, that you can enjoy without getting plastered.

Start Planning the Best Night of Your Life.

Ready to embark on your cider adventure? Join us at the Black Apple Taproom in Springdale to experience a cider-infused night like no other!

Celebrate Your Holidays with Black Apple